Above All by Michal Karcz

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“This picture contains three shots mixed together in Photoshop. This is I what do with my pictures, to create a fantasy version of the Earth. This picture contains photo of a mountain path in West Tatra Mountains and includes the clouds structures, and the main, high peak is Ama Dablam shot in Himalayas.” – Michal Karcz

Image copyright Michal Karcz and used with permission.

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Kids pranked by Muhammad Ali as they were reciting essays they’d written about him (1974)

omg this is adorable, watch it here


Fucking great man

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This is still my favourite gif ever.


In the middle of their war with the X-Men, The Avengers decide to take one night off for a proper Thanksgiving dinner

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David Sauceda | On Tumblr

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